Upcoming Sunday Speakers

May services are at 10 a.m. Sundays at the Canyon Lake Activity Center, 2900 Canyon Lake Drive, Rapid City, SD 57702. Get a map.

May 26: Speaker Rev. Judith Kennedy presents “Relationships.” We will discuss how to navigate relationships, discern if our relationships serve us, and settle conflict within relationships.

Starting June 2, Sunday services will be at 10 a.m. in our new home at 3645 Sturgis Road, Suite 400, Rapid City, SD 57702.

June 2: “Celebration of New Beginnings” by Rev. Judith Kennedy. A service to celebrate our new spiritual dwelling place.

June 9: “Seeking the Truth” by Rev. Judith Kennedy. In this era of misinformation, how do we know what is true?

June 16:  “Honoring Fathers”

June 23: Simple daily spiritual practices by Rev. Judith Kennedy. Most of us do not have the lifestyle to go live in an ashram or monastery, so how do we create spiritual practices that nurture us daily?

June 30: ” The Beauty of Summer” by Rev. Judith Kennedy. Experiencing the bounty of summer in our lives.


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