Prayer Chaplains

The Prayer Chaplain Ministry is an empowering, life-transcending, dynamic ministry.

The purpose of the Prayer Chaplain Ministry is to serve the prayer needs of the spiritual community by holding a sacred spiritual space, lovingly listening, praying from the heart, and holding in confidence what is shared. Through the Prayer Chaplain’s work and commitment to the program, an awareness of our own inherent divine-potential becomes self-realized, and an ability to let go of false beliefs and error thoughts is created in the lives of those whom they pray with.

The Prayer Chaplains all have a special purpose and uniqueness they bring to the prayer ministry. Together, through dedicated service and commitment to the program, they are able to serve the spiritual community in a variety of ways. The Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you at our weekly services, and through wellness calling, when desired. One of our chaplains, will be at the Prayer Table after church for individual prayers.

I give thanks, Lord, that today my thoughts, words, and actions bring health, harmony, and understanding into my world.


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