Sundays in 2019: One Humanity Many Stories

We will be joining hundreds of other Unity churches in 2019 as we explore “One Humanity, Many Stories.”

Sometimes it is said that if you knew another person’s story, you couldn’t help but love them. Each of us has known hardship and heartbreak, just as each of us has known joy. Some people have overcome unimaginable adversity while others seem to have been blessed with all a human being could ever want.

Yet a greater story overarches them all: We are all one. Despite the appearance of separate bodies, individual personalities, and different pursuits, we are one humanity. Like a prism divides light into a rainbow of colors, we humans express God in infinite ways.

One God, one humanity, many stories.

During the year, we will explore this theme in the following specific ways:

January — Welcoming Grace
Grace is an upward pull of the universe, lifting me to the heights of divine nature.

Sunday, January 13 — The Unforgiving Servant
Sunday, January 20 — Martin Luther King Jr.
Sunday, January 27 — The Good Samaritan

February — Living Love

Sunday, February 3 — Letting Our Love Express
Sunday, February 10 — A New World Vision
Sunday, February 17 — Love One Another
Sunday, February 24 — Giving and Living Through Service

March—Creating Community
April—Being Enough
May—Honoring Memories
June—Letting Go
July—Claiming Truth
August—Being Present
September—Embracing Change
October—Finding Comfort
November—Expressing Gratitude
December—Awakening Joy



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