many hands make light workOur Ministry Teams offer many opportunities to get involved and grow through sacred service. If you have time and talent to share, please contact us.

Audio Visual Department

Goals: We give thanks that we efficiently facilitate the effective presentation and dissemination of UCSB’s internal and external outreach ministries, including Sunday service messages, music and event programs, internet presence and the recruitment of new members for our church.

Team Leader: Matt Carrico


Goals: TBA

Team Study Leader: Carolann DeSelms


Goals: We are uplifting and inspiring our congregation through positive music. We thank you, Spirit, that you are speaking joyously in, through and as every one of us in song. We are creating and growing the positive music community here in the South Bay.

Team Leader: Faith Rivera, Music Director


Goals: To develop digital communication systems, such as website and social networking programs that link us together and strengthen the life of our church.

Team Leaders: Chat Campbell

child in prayerEducation Ministry Team

Goals: We give thanks, Lord, that we are firmly placing the feet of children, youth and adults on Your Path, and teaching them ways to stay there for a lifetime. To respond to and nurture another’s spiritual growth through loving, confidential prayer support.

Team Leader: Lupita Cervantes

Facilities Management Ministry Team

Goals: To maintain and improve our physical home by ensuring a safe and beautiful environment for us all.

Team Leader: Bill Marino

Fellowship and Outreach

Goals: To develop activities that link us as friends and helpers who do enjoyable things together and strengthen the life of our church.

Team Leader: Rev. Kathy McCall


Goals: As part of the Service Ministry, Greeters are the initial contact with guests. They are the welcoming hosts, providing information for visitors, ushering guests, collecting the offering, and sharing warmth and friendliness.

Team Leader:
Team Members: Volunteers


Goals: To bring the congregation together in fellowship in a casual, fun environment where people can get to know each other and form stronger ties as a church community.

Team Leaders: Kathy Barron & Mike Kennedy

Music Ministry Team

Goals: UCSB is “THE” “New thought spiritual music center” of the south bay. Where artists within and outside our church can perform music for the benefit of our Church and the spiritual community at large. Where we take an active role in promoting music that uplifts, inspires and engages everyone.
“To make music an integral part of our spiritual experience at church.”

Choir and Team Leader: Faith Rivera

Platform Assistants

Goals: TBD

Team Leader: Bonnie Clark

Strategic Planning & Finance Ministry Team

Goals: To formulate and execute a strategic plan which develops generous tithing, strengthens community presence and expands the participation of all members in our church activities.

Team Leader: Rev. Kathy McCall

volunteerVolunteer Coordinator

Goals: To develop and administer a volunteer program, working with the Board as a consultant to affect a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the staff.

Team Leader: Jeanette Weaver


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